MAGMUS:  Spirit of Lion

MAGMUS:  In Ancient Light

by Artist, Author, Mystic, and Contactee

Lauren Zimmerman

Two Energy Portraits of Universal Energy Being Offered to Earth

for Healing and Transformation


A place of peace.  A place of beauty.  A place of joy.  And a place of Divine Knowing.

At one time, such as with all things, this place did not exist.  One Infinite Soul dreamed it.  Another joined in.  And another.  And the energy of Manifestation began.  The planet was born and it became the place of dreams created by Infinite Souls.

In the dream of Lions and Souls, all things were possible.  As it was said so often .. if we can dream a planet, we can dream anything.  And so the Souls did just that.  They dreamed the weather, they dreamed the ivory-white trees, they dreamed the silver waters.  And they dreamed the Lions.  Magnificent creatures who walked with elegance and grace, their golden fur catching the rays of the dreamed-of-suns.

I, personally, remember Magmus.  I cannot think of him or speak of him without tears welling up in my eyes.  And in my heart.

Magmus was my first creation.  My first dream.  We would lay together on the warm ground, gazing at the distant stars.  He would dream his dreams and I dreamed mine.  Somehow, by some miracle, our dreams were always the same even though they were silent and kept in our hearts.  Though the "Lionnine Planet" eventually met it's end, when those who wanted to destroy the dreamers came to see that it was done, in my Soul I know that it still lives.  Somewhere.  Somewhere where dreams never die and no one can disturb them.

The fee for each is

$85.00 USD (per)

for the print-able version.

The fee for each is

$85.00 USD (per)

for the print-able version.

The print size is:

18" x 22"

The dpi (dots per inch) is:

400 dpi

You will receive a  print-able file.

The files will be sent via email

 The printable file is a large file, which Yahoo mail does not support

and so please make sure that you can receive large files.

I use gmail to send and find that it is the best avenue for sending and receiving large files.

It's been made clear that the energy-work offered by LZ, through sessions as well as artwork,

has an energetic impact on other energies.  Each piece of artwork is infused with eight or more

higher dimensional frequencies.  The purpose is to infuse the higher energies into the

energy field of Earth with the goal of helping Humanity, as well as Earth, raise vibrations

in order to assist in healing.  The ultimate goal is to assist in raising the frequency of Earth

to usher in a new reality for Earth.

For Earth to become a place where inhabitants can create a reality based on

Compassion, Awareness, Health, and much more.

MAGMUS:  Spirit of Lion  *   and  *  In Ancient Light

were created from another lifetime memory of what I call "The Lionnine Planet."
In this artwork he has his paws folded over the edge of an energy-portal,
bringing into your energy field the energy of his.