Energy Portraits of Universal Energy Being Offered to Earth

for Healing and Transformation

Artwork by

Artist, Author, Mystic, and Contactee

Thank you so much for your trust in my work.

All things in Existence being energy, I work to infuse a multitude of higher

dimensional frequencies into each piece of artwork that I create.  More often then not,

I am assisted in the visions/paintings by Divine Guidance and Be-ings

from other dimensions and realities.

It is always my goal, with each piece of art, to share the energies of

hope, inspiration, and healing.  As time passes, the paintings do often

change.  The reason being .. as the various frequencies are needed,

both the seen and unseen, the energies change, making it seem

like the painting itself has changed.  Personally .. I find it all quite amazing.

It's my true Blessing to be able to share and those who visit have

my Gratitude.  Thank you for dropping by and thank you for your interest

in my work.

Love and Divine Peace


If you would like to assist LZ with her work on behalf of Planet Earth and Humanity,

please feel free to offer a donation.  Your gift is accepted with heart-felt Gratitude and appreciation.

It's been made clear that the energy-work offered by LZ, through sessions as well as artwork,

has an energetic impact on other energies.  Each piece of artwork is infused with eight or more

higher dimensional frequencies.  The purpose is to infuse the higher energies into the

energy field of Earth with the goal of helping Humanity, as well as Earth, raise vibrations

in order to assist in healing.  The ultimate goal is to assist in raising the frequency of Earth

to usher in a new reality for Earth.

For Earth to become a place where inhabitants can create a reality based on

Compassion, Awareness, Health, and much more.

LINKS for each offering are below.


Unique, one-of-a-kind visions, given to LZ from your Infinite Soul.  Each Signature

is infused with multi-dimensional energy, from your Soul, for the purpose of supporting

your time here on Earth.  You can commission your own Soul Signature by

contacting LZ using the Contact Page here on this web site.

was created from another lifetime memory of what I call "The Lionnine Planet."
In this artwork he has his paws folded over the edge of an energy-portal,
bringing into your energy field the energy of his.


was created following a Divine Visitation by Thich Nhat Hanh, who gave this piece it's title/name.