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If  you  would  like  to share  your  experience  with  the  stem  cells,  your  work  with LZ,  or  what  changes  you  are  experiencing,  please  feel  free to  send  your  comments .  Your  identity  will  remain  anonymous. 

Endorsement from N., U.S.  (several weeks after the stem-cell-energy session)

Lauren’s energy sessions are always profound for me. The stem cell work blew me away though! It was a bit more intense for sure! I was able to sense and see some of the work being done in real time. I could sense some of the areas being “injected” with stem cells. Afterwards I was dizzy in the way I get when exposed to higher frequencies. It was mild for the most part but after 30 hours I asked for the dizzy to slow down! It stopped! I also felt that my boundaries were strengthened exponentially! I believe it was because I was standing in my eternal self and not so much in 3D. I asked for that to back down a bit and it was granted. I know that slowing down the process for my comfort doesn’t affect the transition. The team will gradually adjust me so I achieve the same goal They always do! Physically.. right after the session I was free of the aches n pains that had been popping up in recent years.. I continue to recover faster or experience no pain! My internal systems seem to be working better too! What made me giggle was indeed someone told me that I looked so good and younger!! I know the work is ongoing.. I can feel it. I am so grateful for the ability to receive this kind of work! So so grateful that Lauren is able to share this with us!


Endorsement from D, Canada    (shortly after the energy-stem-cell session)

I have had a massive shift energetically and physically…. It took me a few weeks to integrate and process the stem cell energies and as of May 1, I woke up and felt like I was literally in a new timeline and a “NEW” version of me has arrived. Some limiting beliefs and habits are gone and I am seeing myself differently. My body is feeling lighter and has a deeper glow.


Endorsement from S., U.K.    (approximately 3 months after the energy-stem-cell session)

Of course I can give a glowing reference to the stem cell work on my human system.
Recently I underwent stem cell therapy with LZ and over the past two months the general improvement has been remarkable. I feel much stronger and my immune system is regenerating to combat the numerous viruses which circulate all around us. I am almost 74 but now feel much younger. 

Follow-up from S, UK , a couple of months later

The stem cells may be another part of improving the sensory perception and I appear to be aware of feelings all around me. I am also aware that I can determine a person’s perception when in conversation with him/her. This would then translate to whether there may be a threat or conflict and possibly disengage with this person.
In some cases these people then may have an illness or even pass.
Could this be happening or am I imagining this scenario? 

The stem cell treatment seems to continually evolve and improvement is happening on a daily basis. I initially thought that there would be a one-off hit but it now seems that it is continually improving and more long lasting.


Endorsement from H., U.S.    (written approximately one year after energy-stem-cell work)


Where does one start? In March of 2022 I could feel my body shutting down. I went to the doctor and he gave me an EKG. When he read the tape he said it was not good. That the bottom half of my heart was shutting down. After subsequent EKGs he indicated that the outlook was bleak. Each day I could feel the energy draining from me. I finally told L of my plight. She went to work on my stem cells and the rest is history.

Not only did she repair my heart, but in doing the work she did my thyroid was also repaired. I was given blood tests and a stress test with a scan of my heart. The paperwork from the tests show that my heart is above average and my thyroid is functioning normal. And my thyroid hasn’t been normal in twenty years.

Now, a year later I feel great. I would have to say that my biological age is closer to forty than to seventy-five.

As time passed even the bruises on my arms have disappeared. As anyone who is my age knows they seem to appear out of nowhere. They have been gone now for several months.

The last thing to be repaired was my lungs. In the last month my breathing has once again become normal. My lungs had suffered from a bad case of Covid in 2020.

Walking five miles a day is something I used to enjoy doing, but have not done since I got Covid. Now, once again five miles is a joy to do.

Sometimes when I wake up I think this is all a dream, but then I pull out the paperwork from all of those tests and see that it is all true.  I’m truly blessed to have LZ in my life.

(There is more to the story, but it was getting quite long.)




(The key word .. re-structuring)

Stem cells are the body's raw materials — cells from which all other cells with specialized functions are generated. Under the right conditions in the body, stem cells divide to form more cells called daughter cells.

The entirety of Existence is comprised of Energy.  Energy has no walls or boundaries which means that all energy can potentially affect all energy.  The energy work that LZ has been offering for approximately 45 years is accomplished by accessing higher dimensional frequencies and infusing them into the 3-D body/experience.  The energy of the higher frequencies has the potential to affect soul, spirit, and body, which often leads to deep changes within the lives of those who connect with LZ and her energy work.

LZ exists without being limited to this temporary, 3-D experience.  Her Purpose is to encourage others to do the same.  To change your perspective and energy field holds the possibility of changing your life experience.

Understand that this is a process, a re-structuring of energy, a releasing of that which no longer resonates with you.  Some effects are immediate.  Some who have had this work done by LZ are still having positive changes after an entire year.


You may schedule an appointment with LZ by using the Contact Page here on this web site.

Appointments are 2-hours long.  30 minutes are consultation using a Skype call, one hour of long-distance energy work while you are quiet and meditating, and 30 minutes of a follow-up conversation about your 1-hour experience. 

If you choose, you can ask for a follow-up conversation with LZ, via a Skype call.

The follow-up will be one to two weeks after your initial appointment and will last for 30 minutes.

Payment options are at the bottom of this page.  Please do not send any payments until you have interacted with LZ and have an agreed-upon day and time set up for your appointment.

Deep Gratitude to all who understand this energy work and are open to deep change.