""2024 - 777 - Dove of Peace"

was created following a Divine Request.  The request came during a 3-hour Encounter

that took place aboard an Extraterrestrial Craft.   LZ's artwork is all about energy and dimensional frequencies.  The energy and Divine Intention infused into "Dove" is meant

to issue forth the Intention of various Extraterrestrials (Off Planet Be-ings) of PEACE.

At this time in history, there are more Off Planet Crafts and Be-ings on, and around, Planet Earth than ever before.  The energy of Earth and it's inhabitants impacts the Universe.  The energy has not been productive but rather the exact opposite which has, of course, brought this to the attention of those who share this Universe.  Their Contact .. their Hope .. is to connect with those who cherish Earth and Humanity.  Those who would like to see a better "reality" take place here on this planet.

Thank you for embracing the energy of "Dove" and Peace. 

The image below is a lo-res copy.  The file you receive will be hi-res and perfect for

printing and framing and sharing with family and friends.  "Dove" may also make a

perfect gift for the Peace of this coming Christmas Season and the coming New Year.


2024 - 777"

by Artist, Author, Mystic, and Contactee
Lauren Zimmerman

The print size is:
16" x 14.5"

The dpi (dots per inch) is:
495 dpi

You will receive 2 files.  One is the print-able file and one is for desktop display.

The files will be sent via email

 The printable file is a large file, which Yahoo mail does not support
and so please make sure that you can receive large files.

I use gmail to send and find that it is the best avenue for sending and receiving large files.

Fee:  $50.00