FROM LZ:  As time has passed and I've been able to witness the energy-impact of the SOUL SIGNATURE pieces, I've come to realize that they are "portals of energy."  I was requested, by Divine Guidance, to begin creating these pieces and what I'm discovering is that they are meant to be a tangible, hands-on, energy form of the Infinite Soul and the energy of who you are outside of the confines of Earth.  (We are infinite souls, existing within all time and space.)

Some comments from one of the recipients of a Soul Signature art piece:

"It is alive. Truly. My body/mind/soul expand somehow every time I look at it. There is an interplay beyond understanding.
I thought of sending an update many times, but there was/is no way of explaining what this image does or how it impacts me. My feeling is it is, and will continue to be, an evolving relationship and I am changed every time I encounter it (and is everywhere!) and at the same time it changes also. That would explain why I actually receive a jolt of energy with every encounter. With that reasoning, my energy also continues to impact it. A powerful, living relationship.

My soul/human is in awe inspired gratitude for this gift of grace."

And another recipient says:

"I had no words when I received the soul signature piece.  I went from having chills top to toes, being speechless and teary-eyed and felt such a huge connection right away. Each time I look at it I connect more and more and I become one with the piece. The changes are constantly happening inside and outside of my body.  I have become another person - looking at this amazing piece created and seeing my soul in it blows me away literally. I look at me and I see and feel myself so differently.  I went through a huge transformation and visions already and I become more one with this piece and embody it. I absolutely adore the piece.  How could i not - it is myself, after all. I am so blessed and so honored and feel so much love and gratitude towards Lauren, God, and the connection this piece has so intimately brought to me. I am so grateful too for all of the art pieces Lauren has so generously shared with us.  And each time I see those pieces I see them connecting to my soul signature piece as well. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul - words cannot express enough how I feel and what I have experienced."

"OMG that's amazing. Totally shaking and knocked backwards! Thank you Lauren."

And, lastly, a comment I simply had to share.  It was so inspiring to me:

"My soul art actually has become a palpable guide. Too deep to explain."

If you would like to donate in order to assist LZ in offering these

wonderful energies, please know how deeply your gift is accepted

and appreciated.  Thank you so much!

SOUL SIGNATURE ARTWORK ... one of a kind, unique to you and only you .. original art pieces.
Samples are below.


"SOUL  SIGNATURE""  artwork is created by LZ by connecting to your Infinite Soul and placing the vision and vibrational frequency of your Soul into the piece.

"SOUL SIGNATURE" pieces are created for you and sent to you as a high-resolution file, via email.  The file allows you
to print and frame in any way you like.  The file can be taken to a printer in your area, or sent to an online printing company..

If you would like to commission LZ to create a one-of-a-kind "SOUL SIGNATURE" piece for you, before the Art Gallery gets underway .. and receive your piece via email for your own printing and framing .. please read the following:


Please use the Contact Page in this web site to send a request.  Include your email address so that LZ can interact with you about your piece.

Each art piece is totally unique to you.  Your file containing the art piece can be used in any way you like and is yours
and yours alone, unless you choose to share it with others.  There will be a computer-generated signature on your piece. and

I do ask that proper credit be given for the creation of the original piece.

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5-14=2017 ... LZ began working with Archangel Metatron in 1975 on a Universal 'project' to assist Earth in bringing in higher-dimensional energy in an attempt to counteract the lower densities.  He has advised that he will be energetically interacting with each 'Soul Signature' piece, using them as avenues through which he can continue his work with Planet Earth.

Also ... LZ has created quite a few pieces free of charge and can no longer do so (but hopes to do more in the future).  If you would like to donate to assist someone else in the creation of their personal 'Soul Signature' piece, please write to us via the Contact Page to let us know who you would like to help .. or if you would just like to contribute to the process of getting these Energy Pieces out to the world.  Thank you so much!

I feel compelled to call this new 'flock' of Soul Signature pieces ... Leading Into 2020

It's fascinating to me that the recipients of the latest group of Signatures feel the need to keep their

Signatures private.  There are, without doubt, different energies going into the Signatures right now.  I feel very honored, blessed, and humbled to be the avenue for this incredibly powerful energies.

My Gratitude to all who allow me the honor of bringing these 'new' energies forth.

In keeping with 'new' energy, I was asked to create a new Signature for myself as well.

It feels as though the energy is meant to have an impact on more than just myself.

Please feel free to tune in .. and enjoy.




(Scroll to the bottom of the page for the latest artwork images.)

"Soul Signature"


for LZ & some of her Beloved Guides

"I am completely, and in a deeply Soulful way, in awe of the two art pieces that I have.

I am resonating a peaceful calm and tranquil state of Being and each encounter I have with them I fall into the energy of each piece more deeply than the last time I looked.

Klasidra, there are many vibrations of thought that echo the deepest heartfelt gratitude for all your works within my Soul that human words cannot define.   (Klasidra is a higher dimensional name for LZ, for those who do not know.)

So the last word from this Soul to you is Aroha, deep and profound Aroha/Love."


Please do not submit payment until you're sure that the artist

         has an opening of time for creating your Soul Signature.

                                        Fee:  $250.00