11 X 14




is the art page that will display one single piece of original artwork by LZ.

Each piece will be on the site for a limited time.

All artwork, at this time, is offered via digital file and will be delivered via email.

The files are quite large and may take a few minutes to download.

Normal delivery time is within 4 hours. but, if you're in a different time zone,

delivery might be up to 12 hours .. depending on 'hours of operation.'

You will receive the original file, suitable for printing,

and also a second version that will be suitable for using as a desktop photo.

I do apologize for the text that will appear on each piece.  Unfortunately, there has been an increase of Artist Credits being cropped out of pieces, pieces being 'borrowed' .. etc.

Each original art piece you receive will be free of text.

I hope you enjoy the pieces featured here!